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Essex Power Corporation

21st Century Digital Utility

Essex Power Corporation and its group of companies are working towards creating and developing the 21st Century Digital Utility. Electricity is the single largest enabler for advancement in technology and improvements to quality of life, but is currently in a major state of change. The energy industry has been rapidly evolving over the past 5 years, moving from a more traditional poles-and-wires company to a more consumer-centric, adaptive and advanced utility.


Utilities are looking at levering data to enable the 21st century digital utility, which will ultimately help to make decisions on how to operate the distribution system of the future. Technology such as AI, smart grid technologies, big-data, omni-channel customer platforms and digital innovation platforms and processes will be key enablers of the 21st century digital utility. At Essex Power, we are working towards developing automated back-end processes and connected platforms to enhance the optimal performance of our distribution system. The integration of disparate systems and data will help support the grid by providing elevated visibility and insights on aging assets, climate change, and distributed energy resources to name a few. This will allow for agile responsiveness, risk management and mitigation, and health analytics of assets of systems, which will ultimately drive better decision making and more consumer-centric utility platforms.

Overall, the 21st Century Digital Utility will help bridge the gap of an outdated, aging utility to a adaptive, advanced utility by providing an interoperable digital platform that enables interactivity between the distribution network and the customer.