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Essex Power Corporation

Our Mission

Essex Power Corporation is a dynamic energy company that provides safe, reliable, and economical energy supply and services to our customers. Our commitment to innovation, performance management and leading by example has built the foundation for Essex Power and our affiliates to establish a diverse set of energy products and services that are valued by our customers.

At Essex Power, Your Power is Our Priority.

Our Vision

Essex Power is a forward-thinking Corporation. We maintain our industry-leading position in the energy marketplace by staying on top of innovations in technology, service, partnerships, and value. Leading the way in an industry that has seen significant change over a short period of time does not come without responsibility, which is why Essex Power believes in a strong corporate citizenship and proactive initiatives.

Essex Power Corporation’s vision is to be an Energy Provider that utilizes “best in class” people, processes, and technology to lead the marketplace in sustainable energy solutions. Our customers receive the greatest value by integrating an economic and environmental balance to the products and services we will deliver to them. As an Energy Provider, we will be a community leader in ensuring that environmental stewardship is a vital component of our services to increase customer awareness of proper energy utilization and management.

Our Values

Essex Power Corporation is represented by people and the values by which people work. The core values guide how relationships evolve, how day-to-day business is conducted, how decisions are made, and how results are achieved. Embracing these values has resulted in trust and confidence among employees, and with customers, business partners, and communities.


Integrity means that every employee at every level of the organization makes the commitment to: conduct business lawfully and ethically, avoid conflict of interest between personal interest and company business, avoid disclosing sensitive and confidential information inappropriately, recognize the value of competition and not engage in practices that reduce the openness and fairness of competition, and protect the company’s assets and use them responsibly.


Essex Power Corporation is on a journey to be the “best in class” in energy delivery in the geographic areas that we serve. As such, EPC strives to provide customers with service and products of the best value, commits to continuously improve and look for innovation that help customers, seizes opportunities to develop our own skills and talents, and fosters respectful and trusting relationships with our colleagues.


Respecting and supporting the social and cultural fabric of the communities we work, live and serve in is EPC’s responsibility. EPC strives to conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner and in a way that protects the health and safety of fellow employees and the public.