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Essex Power Corporation


Essex Power Corporation

Essex Power Corporation is the holding company of Essex Powerlines and Essex Energy Corporation. Essex Power Corporation is wholly owned by the Town of Amherstburg, the Town of LaSalle, the Municipality of Leamington, and the Town of Tecumseh.

Essex Power Corporation is a dynamic energy company that provides safe, reliable, and economical energy supply and services to our customers. Our commitment to innovation, performance management and leading by example has built the foundation for Essex Power and our affiliates to establish a diverse set of energy products and services that are valued by our customers.

The entire Corporation employs over 100 employees.

Essex powerlines

Essex Powerlines Corporation

Essex Powerlines Corporation is a regulated electricity distribution company operating in the Town of Amherstburg, Town of LaSalle, Municipality of Leamington, and Town of Tecumseh. Essex Powerlines has just over 30,000 customers, representing 27,000 residential customers and over 5,000 small and large commercial customers. 

Essex Energy Corporation

Essex Energy Corporation

Essex Energy Corporation is a leading energy technology company that was incorporated in June 2000 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Essex Power Corporation. Essex Energy focuses on implementing a wider range of energy solutions that meet the needs of consumers, and have grown its success by developing its in-house expertise and Distributed Energy Resources portfolio of assets and services, as well as its engineering and consulting services.  In addition, Essex Energy has been a premier Solar PV partner for over 130 clients across Ontario and has managed over 100MW of distribution generation equipment.